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EPSILON, the only private European research company that specializes in thermics.

EPSILON is a research organisation specialised in thermal engineering. From its original focus on high-technology civil and military systems architectures, it has extended its services to cover a wide variety of other fields in which thermal aspects come into play.

Possessing level 1 supplier status, EPSILON has been a major economic and scientific player in aeronautic, space and on-board system activities in South-West France for over 20 years.  Its engineers and doctors specializing in thermics and related physical phenomena provide system integrators, equipment manufacturers and component suppliers with reliable yet innovative solutions.

EPSILON meets market requirements:

  • analysis of thermal, electrothermal, thermo-fluidic and thermo-mechanical phenomena on complex high technology equipment and systems;
  • a reply to requirements in terms of system integration and simulation, predictive reliability and the characterization of materials, processes and thermal products;
  • development of thermal and multi-physics simulation tools and platforms;
  • optimization of product and equipment manufacturing processes.
Thermal engineering and research in thermics