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EPSILON, guaranteed expertise

SRC certification

EPSILON is SRC (Contractual Research Company) certified by the OSEO with support from the Ministry for Research and Higher Education. This status gives it unique, specific expertise, which contributes to improving French industry’s competitiveness.

The label recognizes both technical expertise and the capacity for transferring methodologies and technologies.
EPSILON also benefits from CIR (Research Tax Credits) approval from the Ministry of Research and Higher Education.

Approval as a Training Body

As a training body, EPSILON gives training in space thermics, electronic thermics and in specific domains defined by its clients (N° of approval 73.31.01745.31).

EPSILON offers generic training (space thermics, electronic thermics and industrial thermics) to industrialists, laboratories and schools together with specific training adapted to individual requirements.


Quality Certification

EPSILON is ISO 9001 version 2008 certified – with certification renewed by the Veritas Certification Bureau.

EPSILON takes account of fundamentals in different professions and its clients’ market constraints: the priority of EPSILON engineers and scientists is to satisfy both clients and end users.

EPSILON relies on a risk management quality system, a real project-management handling tool that keeps costs, schedules and deliverables under control.

Contractual Research Company - Training Body in thermics