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EPSILON, priority to collaborative projects

Preparing the future is at the heart of EPSILON’s values and is expressed by the importance it attaches to collaborative projects.  This strategic choice is characterized by very close cooperation with public research bodies, universities and industrialists (integrators & system designers, equipment manufacturers and component founders) both on French and European levels.

EPSILON is the operator and a member of the FAHRENHEIT, innovation platform, whose specific characteristic is to mutualize knowledge in thermics.

FAHRENHEIT offers both SMIs and large companies the possibility of accessing the most innovative facilities in thermics at highly competitive costs and with total respect for industrial property. 

FAHRENHEIT has received total support from the main national players in aeronautics and space, the building trade, industry in general, research and teaching. Today, over thirty of them are members of the CELSIUS Innovation association, in charge of piloting the platform both scientifically and technically.

Some of the programs in which EPSILON is associated:

  • the PRIMES laboratory: a Public - Private Research Organization for power integration, energy management and energy storage components;
  • HYRES  (“HYbridation du REseau Secours avion” or hybridization of the Aircraft Emergency Network): the ELECTRA 2009 program financed by the Midi-Pyrénées region and the FEDER;
  • OPTIMAL: the FUI7 program certified by the AESE Center, for optimizing cooling on stators in power-driven turbine engines;
  • THOR: a program labeled CATRENE and EURIPIDES, which is a part of EUREKA, for the development of power modules based on technologies using integrated, totally reliable high-temperature chips in SIC for automobile, aeronautical and medical applications;
  • THETAGEN: the JTI CLEANSKY program; Thermoelectric Generator for Engine Control System.

EPSILON is also:

  • a founder member of the Board of Directors, the Certification Commission and the Executive Committee of the AEROSPACE VALLEY business center;
  • administrator, Officer and/or President of Midi-Pyrénées (Southwest France) Private, Public and Academic Structures in research and training (LAAS, INPT, CCRRDT, AMPERE, GIFAS, ASRC).
FAHRENHEIT, innovation platform
Innovation platform