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EPSILON, R&D for taking up industrial challenges

The role of EPSILON research teams is to find innovative, relevant and viable thermics solutions for French industry. They deploy inventiveness, anticipation and responsibility for addressing economic restraints and extreme rationalization in product and process-carrying costs.

EPSILON’s core business is based on research and development activities, self-funded, collaborative and/or for third parties.

The main themes developed by the research program and their finalities:

  • digital methods and modeling: preparing tools for engineers and researchers for assisting in works on improving 3D digital methods, on system approach, co-simulation, model-reducing, etc.;
  • characterization of materials and measurement technology: setting up methods and partnerships with laboratories as well as developing specific characterization and thermal measurement test benches for different temperature ranges;
  • thermics for extreme conditions: Understanding non-classical thermal phenomena, implementing modeling methodologies, integrating them into industrial software and validating;
  • energy management: work on producing, transporting, recovering and storing energy, optimizing energy efficiency in buildings and eco-neighborhoods, thermal design for electric powertrains integrating electronic power aspects;
  • thermal control technologies: characterizing and modeling cooling and heating solutions, developing specific technologies.
Thermal modeling