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Device for estimation of thermal properties

Heat capacity, thermal effusivity and conductivity of materials

EPSILON produces and markets a device allowing the estimation of thermal properties of materials  based on the hot plate transient method.

The Hot plate transient method used in the DEsProTherm device involves measurement of temperatures on the front and rear faces of a sample after a thermal excitation. 

The measured temperatures permit the estimation of its thermal properties.

The sample is placed on a resistive instrumented circuit and temperatures are measured using thermocouples probes.

Simple to use, DEsProTherm integrates a set of "electronic module - power supply - probes" for thermal excitation and acquisition.

This set is associated with an intuitive and user-friendly software that uses several algorithms to ensure reliable results.

The measurement is fast and non destructive. It only requires the positioning of the sample. The device allows a real-time visualisation of the acquisition and immediate processing.

DEsProTherm is adapted to a wide range of materials : thermal conductors, insulating materials, metals, ceramics, minerals, textiles, etc.

It offers a measurement range starting from room temperature to nearly 500°C.

Version standard

Heat capacity (J / m3 / K) from 500,000
Thermal Effusivity (J / m/ K / s1/2) from 100 to 7,000
Thermal Conductivity (W / m / K) from 0.02 to 10
Time of measurement (s) 100 (> upon request)
Repeatability 0.3 to 4%
Precision 0.5 to 5%
Temperature range of measurement (°C) +20 to +70
Samples dimensions (mm) 60 x 40
Thickness  depending on the material
Normalisation Not normalised


The device is adaptable to your needs and specifications (ranges, temperatures, probes…) and transferable in industrial environments (control in production line…).

Relevant fields

  • Construction industry: Insulating materials, Glasses
  • Engineering: Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Textile, Wood
  • Aeronautics: Composite materials
  • Metrology 
  • Sport
DEsProTherm, Device for estimation of thermal propertieDEsProTherm, Device for estimation of thermal propertie