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Infrared Thermography

Cartography of thermophysical properties and Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Produces and markets thermal characterization devices allowing defect detection inside materials using an infrared thermography technique.

Active infrared thermography involves the measurement of the thermal evolution of a previously heated material (halogen sources, flash, laser beam...). The measurement is performed using an infrared camera.

Raw data (images), coming from the camera, only give a visual and often partial information.

Mathematical treatments developed by our teams allow an optimised exploitation of the raw data. The analysis of their evolution over time leads to the estimation of the thermophysical properties of material.

Using this approach, we are able to characterize materials (thermal diffusivity, thickness, density...) and also to perform non destructive testing (delaminations, inclusions...).

FAHRENHEIT infrared devices are non destructive and no contact solutions. They are involved in a global orientation of innovation and accessibility to a large panel of applications and users. 

Algorithms that are used for treatment are adapted for low cost cameras, with the same guarantee of high quality detection and characterization.

Thermal diffusivity measurement

Thermal Diffusivity (m2 / s) From 1E-8 to 1E-4
Precision From 1 to 5%
Reproductibility From 1 to 3%
Measurement temperature range (°C) From +20 to +500
Normalisation Not normalised

We select cameras, thermal excitation devices and adapt acquisition and treatment softwares according to your specifications, context of use (laboratory, R&T, production…) and constraints (cost, size, encombrement, hostile environment…).


  • Thermal diffusivity measurement
  • Estimation of properties variations (porosity, thickness, density…)
  • Delaminations, inclusions, cracks and welding defects detection
  • Impacts quantification
  • Ageing 
  • Analysis of thermal phenomena (estimation of heat exchange coefficient from temperature fields…)
  • Monitoring, diagnosis, (Passive IR thermography)

Relevant fields

  • Construction industry 
  • Insulating materials, Glasses
  • Engineering  
  • Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Textile
  • Aeronautics 
  • Composite materials
  • Space 
  • Food-processing industry, Factory farming
Infrared ThermographyIR imagesVisualisation of an empty ship hold - Temperature monitoringCrack detection and identification of air bubbles