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EPSILON-R3DWEB: online thermal simulation

EPSILON-R3DWEB is an online service to simulate the thermal behavior of printed circuits using a a library of components and to simulate predefined models. It can also be used to simulate a board based on a printed circuit designed by the user.

The user can select the different components, position them on an electronic board and define the environment.

Accessible with a web browser, it enables users to obtain simulation results in the form of a PDF report directly in their mailbox.

In partnership with Vishay, one of the World's largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive components, R3DWEB constitutes the core of the ThermaSim application, an on-line thermal simulation tool which offers Vishay’s present and future customers the possibility to test and validate their designs by using 3D thermal models of Vishay components.

ThermaSim™ is continuously upgraded over the last six years and continues to be the leader in on-line simulators.

On-line thermal simulation