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Reference samples

Reference samples*
for calibration of thermal characterization devices

EPSILON offers reference samples* whose thermal properties have been estimated and validated using its own developed and marketed characterization devices.

In order to cover a wide range of thermal properties (from thermal insulating to highly conductive materials), we market samples made of Plexiglas, Stainless steel (304 /304L), ARMCO® iron and pure Copper (99,98%). Other materials can be selected and used upon request.

These samples are packaged in a specially designed briefcase.

They can be used for characterization devices designed for thermal Conductivity, thermal Diffusivity, heat Capacity or thermal Effusivity estimation.

Currently available in a standard range of shapes and dimensions, other sizes and shapes can be maded available upon request.

Cylindrical samples Ø 4 to 25 mm
Plane-parallel samples 60 x 40 mm , 40 x 40 mm several thicknesses


Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.

* Thermal properties estimated and validated using our different characterization devices

Reference samplesReference samples