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Engineering analysis

innovation for technology

The main objective of Epsilon is to conceive, optimize and validate the thermal behavior of complex equipment and system

Therefore, EPSILON offers a global range of services to support your innovative technology-focused production or R&D projects.

Design office and r&d

Computation, modelling, electrothermal simulation, thermofluidics, thermomechanics, performance &optimization of systems and equipment.

Definition of a thermal architecture based on validated and reliable efficient technological solutions.

Expertise and consulting

Thermal audit

Production processes optimization for products and equipment

Optimization of systems performance

Targeted re-engineering and solution optimization.

Thermal Management

Expert consulting based on our thermal management solutions expertize (cooling, heating, regulation)

Specification of cooling or thermal management technologies

Technology survey offer, based on our expert knowledge of thermal management solutions (cooling, heating, regulation)

Software development

Support for software development

Specification and test of new functionalities

Simulation data post processing tools development

Thermal studiesThermal studies