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Testing and experimental measurement

know-how and in-house tools

Testing (Thermal characterization)

Test bench and measurement system design (thermophysical properties of solid, liquid, powder and paste materials). Measurement offer (conductivity, effusivity, thermal diffusivity and permeability)

Nondestructive inspection

Feasibility study


Production tools design

EPSILON develops innovative solutions for the monitoring and infrared inspection of products to improve their quality and the optimization of their production cycle.

Infrared thermography offers a real-time and sharp mean for the analysis of heat transfer phenomena. It enables default detection (cracks, bubbles, impacts, delamination, etc.) through the use of innovative, non-destructive and contactless solutions. From the analysis of the response of a material to a thermal excitation, the FAHRENHEIT-Thermicar team of experts can assess the thermophysical parameters such as conductivity, effusivity, thermal resistance, relative density, etc.

Validation testing

Thermal models validation and fine tuning

Systems and subsystems performance validation

Prototype validation

Heat transfer expertize during test phase

The Epsilon in-house laboratory covers... 

  • Temperature measurement means;
  • Small and medium scale test means enabling the quantification of parameters essential for heat transfer models.
  • Means and methodologies for the validation of heat transfer models;
  • Tailored means and methodologies for the activities and needs of the research department.
Thermal testing