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a range of trainings to boost your business

EPSILON offers dedicated or cross-companies trainings adapted to the core business of professionals. Trainings are performed by our engineers and PhDs and range from theoretical lectures to applied and real case tutorials brought by the trainees.

Standard training

Dedicated training (From beginners to advanced level)

Those heat transfer trainings are aimed for:

  • Technical leaders and project managers who are eager to better understand the thermal constraints and assess their influence on reliability, performance and cost;
  • Engineers and technicians in charge of projects or products with significant heat transfer constraints.

Our laboratory specialists also offer testing and measurement bench trainings both on applied and real cases.

2015 EPSILON training offer

  • Aerospace engineering applied heat transfer;
  • Heat transfer applied to electronic device;
  • Production related heat transfer;
  • Cooling technologies;
  • Heat transfer measurements;
  • Infrared measurements;
  • Electrical power heat transfer;
  • Thermomechanical reliability;
  • Multi-level integration;
  • Heat exchangers;
Training in thermics