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Launched in 2018, the Moroccan subsidiary of EPSILON carries out projects in a design office or in technical assistance in the fields of digital and engineering.

EPSILON is a company of the ALCEN group which meets various needs for the design and optimization of systems for large industrial sectors (energy, aeronautics, space).

With the Casablanca agency located in the heart of the Maarif district, the Moroccan subsidiary of EPSILON, aims on the one hand to deploy for its local customers the global vision of EPSILON and on the other hand, to offer services as new as "industrial process quality" advice.

Nos métiers

EPSILON MAROC's know-how is available in the following trades:

  • Design office
  • Technical assistance
  • Training and recruitment

Our skills

In addition to its classic offers, EPSILON MAROC offers a specific offer that has not yet been deployed in France around Operational Performance. For EPSILON MOROCCO consultants, this involves carrying out work in the field of the deployment of international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001.