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Collaborative projects - Scientific resourcing
Projets collaboratifs – Ressourcement scientifique - EPSILON

EPSILON, the priority for collaborative projects

Preparing for the future is at the heart of the values ​​of EPSILON and more generally of the ALCEN group and is expressed by the importance it attaches to scientific resourcing projects either through its own research projects or through collaborative projects .

This strategic choice is characterized by very strong collaboration with public research organizations, universities and certain manufacturers (system integrators, equipment manufacturers and component founders) both at French and European level.

These resourcing respects a road-map updated annually and are deployed by a set of projects including:

  • GENOME (Optimized Energy Management) which deals with the substitution of electric for hydraulic in aeronautical applications,
  • e-TAG which deals with the micro-hybridization of a gas turbine to recover thermal energy in a helicopter engine system,
  • EDYPHICE dedicated to the optimization of heat exchanges by Electro-Hydro-Dynamic (EHD) effect.,
  • CANOPEE which aims to design and test a prototype cooling solution by active pumping of a fluid,
  • ATHERMO dedicated to the miniaturization of a broad spectrum thermal non-destructive control technology,
  • MONOLIT dedicated to the optimization of a solar energy, battery and lighting system,
  • SOCOOL dedicated to new cooling technologies for aeronautical systems and subsystems.
  • EPSILON is also a founding member of the Board of Directors, the Labeling Committee and the Executive Committee of the AEROSPACE VALLEY division.

Contract Research Structures - SRC

EPSILON is labeled SRC

Contract Research Structures - SRCs - are independent private structures that carry out more than half of their turnover in R&D contracts on behalf of third parties. The skills of the CRSs are based on the permanent maintenance of state-of-the-art scientific and technological expertise. To do this, the CRS conduct internal research programs which represent more than 10% of their turnover with technical and economic risks. The SRC label is issued by BPI, a subsidiary of the Public Investment Bank.

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